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Beekeeping: Questions And Answers (Bryan, Texas)

From the day I picked up my first two hives, back in 1964, I have been asked questions about honey bees. Some questions were asked by folks who were just curious about bees and other questions were asked by folks who had an interest in getting into beekeeping themselves. Even my scout master couldn’t resist asking me questions about beekeeping. When I was taking my beekeeping Merit badge exam, (which unfortunately the Boy Scouts don’t offer any longer.) my scout master was so fascinated about all the beekeeping equipment and my presentation that he got into beekeeping himself.
There is so much to learn about beekeeping. I could spend another lifetime studying beekeeping and never be able to learn all of it. My bees amaze me every day with something new. That is what keeps beekeeping so interesting to me.
I wanted to write this book so that you could learn from all my years of experience and not have to re-invent the wheel. I have assembled a vast number of questions and answers for you. Since all of the questions and answers in this book are in no special order, I have provided an index in the back of the book for your convenience. These questions are real questions from folks who have emailed me on the Lone Star Farms website and from folks who contacted me with questions about beekeeping throughout the years.
There is rarely just one answer to a beekeeping question (especially among beekeepers) but, I have answered the questions with the answers that have always worked best for me over the years.
I do hope that you enjoy reading my book and that you are able to use my book as a reference guild for your beekeeping endeavor for as long as you keep bees.
Dennis Brown
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